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What is ‘Good Futures’?
It’s a new subscription product from Good Innovation designed to help frame the current perspective and get to the ‘so what’ behind trends and inspiration.
What’s included in a subscription?
Good Futures Weekly: Weekly perspective on the now, next and future delivered to your inbox. Each edition is designed to equip you with the insight to lead the conversation today and start planning for the future tomorrow.

The Paradigm Shift: A quarterly theme that gives focus to the trends. We then wrap all the content and research up into a handy report at the end of the quarter.

Inspiration Safaris: Delving deeper into the Paradigm Shift with a one-day inspiration safari to help unpack and explore the trend. Safaris are usually half way through the quarterly Paradigm Shift theme. They're hybrid events, so you can join in person or online. They're also a great opportunity to meet and connect with other innovation leaders from across our subscriber community.

Content Archive: Access to all editions of the Good Futures Weekly, trend articles, Paradigm Shift reports and videos of previous Inspiration Safaris.
Why did you create Good Futures?
The world around us is changing exponentially. With reduced budgets and greater expectations, the third sector has never faced a more challenging time. At Good Innovation we’re constantly being asked ‘what’s next’? That’s why we created Good Futures. It’s a space to consider the impact of emergent trends and behaviours and get to the ‘so what’ for the charity sector.

We’re not the oracles and we can’t promise to have all the answers, but what we can do is help you ask the right questions now so you’re prepared for what’s to come.
Why should I sign up?
Your inbox is probably groaning under the weight of newsletters, podcasts and white papers. Finding the headspace to consider all this information in the context of your mission is hard. Good Futures is designed to do the digesting for you, to get to really powerful nuggets of inspiration. At its heart, Good Futures is designed to make your job a little bit easier. We do the hard work so you can ask the right questions.
How is Good Futures different?
But I’m already subscribed to Trendwatching, Springwise, Sifted… how is this different?

Whilst there are lots of amazing and comprehensive trend subscriptions in the market, none of them look at these trends through the charity lens.

Good Futures digests the market of trends and inspiration to condense our focus down on the really important things. We use our sector lens to ask the ‘so what’ and ‘why should I care’ questions.
How do I get started?
Interested in Good Futures? Brilliant. Drop us a line at to start a conversation.
Do you have a different price for small charities?
We know that £3k is a significant outlay for any charity, that’s why we’re really open to having a conversation about pricing for small charities. Get in touch for a chat.
I’d like to learn more about the 'Translating the Future' sessions.
We know that trends and inspiration are just the start of the innovation process. Sometimes the hard part is working out where's the biggest opportunity and what you should focus on next.

The bespoke 'Translating the Future' sessions are run at the end of each quarterly Paradigm Shift. They're a 2 hour session were we'll take you from inspiration to action, using the trends and insight from the Paradigm Shift.
Translating the Future splits into 3 parts:
1 - DIAGNOSTIC - where you are, where you're going, ambition and challenges related to the quarterly them.
(Diagnostics are run prior to the workshop so we can make sure the sessions are as relevant and useful for you as possible).
2 - TRANSLATION - One of our foresight experts will translate the trends from the quarter into a 30 minute presentation, focusing on those trends and data points that have the most relevance, impact and opportunity for you and your mission
3 - ACTION - We'll craft 3 or 4 provocations and start points for innovation that answer your unique challenges and opportunities. Then, in the workshop, we'll work with you to unpack, explore and prioritise so that you leave the session armed and prepared to take the next step and maximise the potential of the Paradigm Shift.
Translating the Future sessions help go from inspiration to action and translate the trends into start points for subscribers. It's like joining the dots between foresight and strategy.
Can I share Good Futures with my team?
We currently have three subscription types - Lite, Team and Pro. Lite is single-user access, Team allows you to have up to 5 users from your organisation, whilst Pro includes up to 5 users plus the Translating the Future workshops. If you’d like to discuss adding more users, please get in touch at
How do I log in?
To log into your subscription, simply click on the Log In button on the upper right side corner of this page. You can find the log-in area here. You will need the email address you used to sign-up and your password.

If you do not yet have your log-in details, please contact us directly.
How do I get a new password?
To get a new password, visit the login area and click on ‘Forgot your Password?’ link. We will email you a reset link.

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