Doing good is changing. Prepare for what’s next.

Good Futures is a new subscription designed by Good Innovation to help charities get to the ‘so what’ behind trends and frame the current & future perspective.

Welcome to Good Futures

Your inbox is probably groaning under the weight of newsletters, podcasts and white papers. Finding the headspace to consider all this information in the context of your mission and challenge is hard.

That’s why we’ve developed Good Futures. We’re here to digest and frame the world of trends, deliver nuggets of inspiration and get to the ‘so what’ for the charity sector.

Good Futures is for the sector, not from the sector. Helping you prepare for what’s next.

What’s included in your subscription?

Good Futures Weekly

Weekly perspective on the now, next and future delivered to your inbox


Quarterly deep dive report into a macro trend

Inspiration Safaris

Go deeper into the reports with inspiration safaris and expert sessions

Content Archive

Unlimited access to our archive of inspiring content


Good Futures makes sense of all the stuff that you’ve heard of but don’t have the time to scour the internet for hours to learn about. It’s done in a way that makes it relevant for the non-profit world, sans all the usual BS you get from trend agencies. The best bit: it gets better every, single, month.

Head of Fundraising Innovation, British Red Cross

When Good Futures email pops in your in-tray you know it will be something you actually want to read. It'll tell you something you didn’t know and it will invariably prompt questions or spark ideas. Good Futures does the legwork for you and gives intelligent pointers as to what it might mean for charities.

Head of Innovation, RNIB

After attending the last safari my team and I were completely buzzing with ideas, innovations and discussion points. Our thinking had been pushed outside of the day to day workload, and there's no substitute for stepping away from the “office” and immersing yourself in a topic with inspiring individuals and being able to discuss with sector colleagues.

Head of Fundraising Innovation, WWF

You're in good company

Good Futures Weekly

Each edition of Good Futures Weekly is designed to help you make sense of the changing world right here and out there. We’re here to equip you with the insight to lead the conversation today, and to start planning for the future tomorrow.


We travel deeper down the rabbit hole to focus on a single macro trend.

Taking a look back to look forwards on how the paradigm is changing and what that means for you and your organisation.


The Future of Charity

We believe our sector is in crisis & on the brink of a revolution.

The dominant paradigm of social good delivered by trusted charity, funded by philanthropy, grants and service contracts, articulating impact as a money in, money out equation no longer delivers.

This report is an invitation to collaborate on the future. It's not about saving charity for charity’s sake, but rather about building the foundations of something stronger, more agile and more fit to tackle future problems.

Inspiration Safaris

Designed around each Report, we'll delve deeper into the trend with an Inspiration Safari. This is an immersive one day journey into the report with meet the maker sessions and expert panel discussions, designed to help you fully unpack and explore the shift for you and your organisation.

Travel back in time


Unlimited access to our archive of inspiring content

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